Sunday, July 27, 2014

First Post!

I will be posting info here about my Micro ATX replacement board for a Commodore C64.  I will post updates and changes as I get the board ready for a larger production run.  All suggestions and requests for features are welcome!!

The working prototype board was presented at CommVex 2014 in Las Vegas.


  1. Wow man! I'm amazed, really cool project!
    Will keep an eye on this. You most certainly know the Keyra interface... Actually it would be brilliant if your motherboard would fit into an actual c64 case!

  2. Interesting the screen is still cutting off the top and bottom borders. is this through VGA? the only way I know to get the full image(which some software actually does use the borders) is to use a svideo to VGA converter. Just FYI. It might be handy and make it appear more computery.