Friday, June 10, 2016

New Prototype Board!!

After work and my personal life consumed most of my life for the past year or so, I finally got back to my Clone-a-Dore board a few weeks ago. Prototype #2 from last June was a failure, so now on to #3.

I finally received the first couple of boards for my third prototype this afternoon!! Time for some soldering...

Features that did make it into this build:

USB Keyboard interface
RS232 port
Triple SID support (with RCA jacks)
User programmable main clocks
Cassette port header
Internal cartridge port header
Internal disk drive serial header
Internal IEC parallel header
S-Video and DIN video connector
Stereo audio connector


  1. Looks great ! Keep us updated on your progress after soldering - hope your prototype works ...

  2. Great job! Please keep us update :-)